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Planned Parenthood Ottawa has developed a workshop to teach about violence in relationships, with a specific focus on emotional violence. This program is currently being offered to grade 9 students in Ontario.


In January 2023 I was hired to help develop and conduct a qualitative study to evaluate the program. 

Methods: Distanced user interviews, thematic analysis

Tools: Zoom, Google sheets

Evaluating the "It's Complicated" Curriculum 

Research Consultant Planned Parenthood Ottawa (PPO) • January 2023 - Present •

Research design, literature review, focus group questionnaire, analyses, report writing 


Research Question 

What do teachers think of the It's Complicated curriculum?


When I joined the project, interviews had only just started. After looking over what had been done and meeting with the team, I was able to gain an understanding of the goals which resulted in us redesigning the interview questions to better meet the needs of the project. 

I am currently conducting interviews with teachers after the curriculum has been taught to their classes. 


Example interview questions: 

What are you hoping your students take away from this curriculum?

How do you feel that your students responded to the material?

Do you have any general feedback on the curriculum?

Potential Implications: 

Using these results, we will be able to update the intervention to meet the needs of the teachers. The aim is to provide the tools necessary for teachers to implement the intervention in their classrooms themselves. Such a program will help students learn about healthy relationships at an important developmental stage. 


Results will be presented to Planned Parenthood and will be written for publication. 

This project is still in progress

*Shared with permission from Planned Parenthood Ottawa

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