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UX researcher with York University and the Canadian Foundation for Aids Research (CANFAR)  • November 2022, Summer 2023 •

Research design, survey creation, data analysis, report writing 


Recently, CANFAR developed a new website aimed to educate youths about HIV, healthy relationships, and sexuality, with a specific goal of reaching gender and racial minority youths. The website was designed to be more than just informational, they wanted to create a space that was inclusive to the different genders and identities that people hold and meet youths where they are at.

I was hired in November 2022 to help design a study to evaluate the website.

Methods: Intercept survey, user survey, focus groups, statistical analysis, thematic analysis 

Tools: Qualtrics, Google Sheets, Zoom, Twilio

Research Questions 

1. What do youths think of

2. What was done especially well and what can be improved?


To begin, I met with the entire team to understand what they wanted to learn from the research, the type of research they wanted to conduct, and from whom they wanted to get feedback from.

The goal of this project is to take a mixed-method approach and recruit a large sample of youths to complete the online survey. A smaller sample will then be asked to participate in virtual focus groups for more in-depth feedback. 

I developed an intercept survey which would confirm eligibility based on the participant requirements, a usability survey for general feedback, and focus group questions

Given the demographic of the participants in this study, a youth advisory committee was formed to give feedback on the design. Data are currently being conducted on this project and, once finished, I will analyze and present the results.


Potential Implications

Results from this research will allow us to determine who is accessing and whether the information they are finding meets their needs. We will use these results to implement new content and improvement outreach on

Data for this project are still being collected. 

*Shared with permission from the Canadian Foundation for Aids Research

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