Research Interests


In general, I am interested in research on women and their experiences. My dissertation looks at women who are childless by choice as well as women who regret their decision to have children. I am also interested in women creators (e.g., authors, artists, etc), who tend to be biased against in comparison to their male peers.  


The term 'sex positivity' has become more commonplace in recent years both in popular media and in academic works. However, little research has been done examining what it is and its real-world effects. My research aims to better understand what we mean when we talk about sex positivity and develop an associated scale. From here we will be able to better examine the many claims that have been made about the benefits and drawbacks of sex positivity 


I am committed to being open and transparent in all my research. All of my work will be preregistered prior to data being analyzed and all data, code, and materials from my personal research will be posted on the Open Science Framework.

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